com·mis·sion- kəˈmiSHən/

verb 1.

Give an order for or authorize the customized production of (something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art).


Whether you're wanting to pay homage to your best friend, the dog, or immortalize a passed love one, a proper reference photo is crucial. When choosing your reference photo, pick one that is clear and can be enlarged without becoming fuzzy. To get started on your custom painting, please choose 2-3 reference photos of your subject, attach them with a brief description through e-mail on the 'contact' form, (the last link in the column on your left).


Mural Work is also available by request, please email me for more information.



            Acrylic on Canvas            

Black & White

4 x 7"    -   150$

8 x 10"  -   180$

9 x 12"   -   200$


      4 x 7 "    -   170$

     8 x 10 "  -   190$

        9 x 12 "   -   230$



Portraits - Acrylic on Canvas

        Black & White

           5 x 7 "     -    180$

          8 x 10 "    -    200$

            9 x 12"     -   230$


It's important to remember that this will be a hand painted rendition of your image, not an exact replica. Although my paintings do tend to be more on a realistic side, I do not guarantee or claim them to exact copies of the photos. Examples of my work can be seen under the 'Fine Art' link to your left.


Payment must be received before the project is started.

Commissioned artwork is accepted on a project by project basis. The typical wait time on a projects completion is four weeks, however depending on work loads, it can take up to six. An estimated time frame will be given when your project is accepted. All artwork comes signed and sealed, not framed. If paintings need to be shipped, there will be no extra charges if shipping within the continental U.S.

Thank you!