I've been tattooing around ten years and creating art throughout my entire life. I upheld a tattoo apprenticeship at the age of 21 under several mentors for two years before tattooing on my own.

I'm a licensed Body Artist in Denver, Colorado as well as Wichita, Kansas. Due to the extremely high regulations on Body Artists in Kansas, I have completed over ten hours of blood-borne pathogens training and extended education that must be renewed once a year.I have also completed over 100 hours in training as well as a written and practical exam regarding safety in the workplace, proper tattoo techniques and disease prevention during a tattoo procedure. Staying educated and up to date on all training is extremely important to me. I will continue to keep myself certified and up to date, yearly, on all safety procedures in the work place.

The bulk of my free time is dedicated to creating new work and developing my fine art skills. Cultivating my craft in any way that I can is what I live for. I'm blessed to do what I do and my desire to grow artistically is what moves me.

Thank you for all of the support and encouragement over the years, as well as currently. Without people believing in me, I'd be doing something without heart, that they say, is one of the very worst places to be.


 All my Gratitude,

Bobbi Stark